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Phone Back Glass Repair

With the entirety of the iPhones having remote charging capacity, they all have a glass back. This glass back permits the remote loop to enter through the glass to associate with the remote charging cushion.

On the off chance that the glass were to break, the lone technique was to supplant the full back lodging, which incorporates the side bezels, the side catches, and new full casing

Water Damage

Water Damage can cause numerous issues with your iPhone and organizations professing to fix a high level of water harmed gadgets for a level rate are not being totally legit.

The most widely recognized thing to be supplanted after water harm is the battery

Speaker Not Working​

Is it accurate to say that you are having issues with the speaker on your phone? You may have to have it fixed. Issues with your speaker can be an indication of flawed wires, broken sheets, or other inward issues. Be that as it may, issues with sound could be brought about by various pieces of your telephone.

In the event that investigating has not aided, we are prepared to fix your concern. Our master professionals can get your speakers working once more. We offer both stroll in and mail-in fixes for your benefit.

Broken Buttons

The issue could be soil or tacky substance nearby the home catch. Have a go at utilizing some scouring liquor (99%) and a tissue or q-tip to wipe around the catch. On the off chance that this doesn’t work, let a couple of drops of the liquor land straightforwardly on the home catch. At that point tap the home catch to allow the liquor to leak in around it. In the wake of cleaning the surface, stand by around 15 minutes prior to testing the catch once more.

We save parts for most basic fixes in stock, so more often than not we can play out an equivalent day home catch fix

Cracked Screen

Sadly, the best way to fix a broken screen is to supplant it. Frequently a broken screen doesn’t influence the cell phone’s capacity to work immediately, and proprietors essentially figure out how to look past the interruption of the breaks. In any case, this can be hazardous, as the glass can scratch or cut your skin. It can likewise cause more major issues after some time, for example, dead spots, backdrop illumination breakdown, dull spots, and staining.

Proceeded with wireless use with a broke screen can at last prompt total loss of usefulness

Other technical issues

Charging ports are anything but difficult to harm. Steady associating and expulsion of the connector line can be no picnic for the port and move, curve, or harm inside segments. Now and then a dropped telephone can likewise cause charging issues.

In the event that your telephone or cell phone has quit charging accurately, there are a couple of things that you can do to investigate and endeavor to fix the issue.

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Fans wireless is a one-stop-shop for all your mobile phone repairing needs. We have decades of experience in providing high-quality mobile phone repairs and maintenance services in Wilmington. Whether you need quick and hassle-free repairs, we assure you of the best service.

Your mobile phone holds all your details including addresses, photographs, videos, passwords of the web site, bank accounts, etc. As we understand that mobile repairing is not necessary behind the doors our phone repair services are very clear. Even if there are issues with mobile fixing, you should feel free to contact us as we ensure that we provide 100% quality services

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  • Always strive to provide the best possible programs to satisfy both your expectations and needs.
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  • Provide a door-to-door repair service that is equal, quick, and reliable. 

  • To ensure clear pricing of repair services that are collected only after the customer’s issue is absolutely solved

  • To have the best customer service at every point of our relationship.


  • We strive to make Fans wireless a household name, a brand recognized for rendering quality repair services at affordable prices.

  • We are also committed to keeping the environment free from e-waste through green practices and e-recycling.

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